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Sample ballots for Greater Danbury area municipalities released

Below are links to sample ballots for towns in the Greater Danbury area.  Some residents will be deciding on issues beyond elected officials.





Sewer rate increases in Danbury will be significant if voters approve mandated phosphorus removal equipment installation and other work at the Waste Water Treatment Plant. Finance Director David St. Hilaire says it will be a few years before the City sees the full impact of the bond.  While Danbury will start making principal and interest payments, the City will begin borrowing in 2022, if residents vote for the $102 million in upgrades.




New Fairfield

New Milford 

New Milford residents are being asked whether funding should be approved to renovate and expand the library.  $6.5 million is bonding is being requested, with the balance of the project to be funded by grants and private contribution.  The other question is about all of the recommendations in a report from the Charter Revision Commission. 


Newtown residents are being asked if $14.8 million should be approved for the construction and development of a new police station, including the acquisition of buildings and land at 191 South Main Street and 61 Peck’s Lane. 



Residents in Ridgefield are being asked to vote on Charter Revision questions today when they go to the polls to elect various officials.  There are 9 separate questions.  Construction, upgrades and replacement to the water pollution control plant and facilities system is also on the ballot.  It's a $48 million project. 





Voters will decide whether to make two changes to Connecticut's constitution.

One asks whether the constitution should be changed to ensure transportation revenues are spent on transportation projects. A coalition of labor organizations, environmental groups and transportation organizations has been pushing for the change, saying it will help to stop the money from being spent on other state programs.

The second amendment calls for placing limits on the General Assembly when it attempts to transfer or sell state-owned property to a non-state entity.

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