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Bethel Finance Board to take up budget revisions, police station funding

The Bethel Board of Finance is set to meet tonight about where to make changes to the municipal and capital budgets for the coming fiscal year, which were rejected by residents in last week's referendum.  The Bethel school budget was approved, and will be left as is.  One of the controversial items in the capital budget was $979,000 for a turf field. 


The Board of Finance meeting is set for 7:30 tonight in the Bethel Municipal Center.  A town meeting and referendum date will then be set.


The Bethel Board of Selectmen is recommending more money be approved to cover police station cost overruns. Residents approved $13.5 million for the project, but costs for HVAC, electrical, and plumbing came in higher because of market changes.  The Board of Finance will take up the $88,000 recommendation and possibly send the matter to residents at a town meeting. 

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